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Profile Expert - wood scanning and inspection system for mouldings,profiles and furniture

ProfileExpert inspection system provides 3D inspection and evaluation of profiles for the final product, such as furniture pieces, plywood T&G or other profile control against set dimensional requirements. Technology scans the full length of the product and inspects whether the profile dimensions satisfy set requirements. It can be adjusted to scan surfaces to detect any defects in coatings or scratches up to 0.03 mm.

It has several software packages. One is meant for importing DWG files to the build inspection profile, simulating the positioning of the scanning cameras, and setting the tolerance and requirements of the joint or surface inspection. BestCut Quality Control system can be operated in 2 modes - unit level and production statistics level. In the case of unit-level inspection, the system inspects every single piece with utmost precision and evaluates the unit individually. Production statistics level inspection system has the main goal of detecting wear and tear of the machinery, taking into account the unit under inspection and the previous inspection results.

How does it work?

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The production manager imports the profile blueprint file (DXF, DWG, other) into the Zippy Vision Profile marking system and sets the measurements, their respective sizes, and tolerances. In the case of fewer than 4 cameras, the marking system visualizes the measurements and planes that are available for inspection. The marked file is uploaded into the scanner profile database.


The operator selects the profile to be inspected, or alternatively, the production manager can select the profile for inspection remotely.


Depending on the complexity of the inspection, it is possible to have both fixed and adjustable camera positions. If the inspection requires adjustment, then the operator adjusts the cameras to a predetermined position that has been set in the marking software.


Once calibration is complete, the system is ready for inspection. The defective units can be either removed from production using a relay switch, or the operator can be notified via a light tower and application interface.

  • BestCut QC inspection system allows for avoiding costly waste due to the wear of the saw and planer.

  • Joints and surfaces can be inspected from one, two, or all sides in the full length of the material.

  • The precision of the inspection is up to 0.1 mm on every dimension. For surface scanning, precision can reach up to 0.03 mm. The system uses machine learning algorithms to find the necessary profile and auto-calibrate when the unit has some free movement against the camera after processing.

  • The system continuously collects the necessary production data and stores them in a secure database for future reference and quality assurance.

  • It is possible to install BestCut QC in multiple stations on the production line and monitor them in a single connected system throughout production.

  • Surface control (painted and raw)

  • Profile inspection (Tounge and Groove)

  • Skirting boards

  • Architraves

  • Window moldings

  • Cornices moldings

  • Wall moldings

  • Click systems



"The Zippy Vision team consists of competent and reliable employees who probe deep into every nuance and always strive to improve their solutions and deliver the results."

Edgars Pilders,
Factory “Hapaks” Head of profiling unit

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