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“Latvijas Finieris” is an international birch plywood producer producer group with multiple companies in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Finland as well as 12 product development and sales companies in Europe and throughout the world. The production is sold in more than 70 countries ensuring their client's quality, service and individual technological solutions.

Year: 2022

Time of implementation: 6 months

BestCut profile inspection system


The goal of the project was to develop a geometry inspection system that could scan any plywood tongue and groove profile at full length.​ The system had to scan already existing profiles and profiles that will come into production in the future. The system had to collect production statistics of each plywood and record them for quality assurance purposes.



  • Verify that each plywood edge has been machined to specified standard with an accuracy up to 0.1 mm

  • Collect production statistics for reporting purposes



  • Laser-triangulation cameras for data collection 

  • Mathematical algorithm for data point filtration and fitting

  • Separate profile drawing marking program



  • Detailed reports for each plywood that has been measured and machined

  • The system can be adjusted to any profile type

  • Store historical production data to backtrace any defects in the production process

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