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SIA "VMS Timber” is an international company which produces and sells wood panelling for saunas, pallets, mobile saunas and cottages.

Year: 2021

Time of implementation: 12 months

BestCut M2 sawing and optimization system


The goal of this project was to develop a sawing and optimization solution for processing European Ash planks into sauna panels. The solution should be autonomous, minimize waste, maximize the value of output while increasing processing speed and precision.



  • Increase the ripsaw production speed to match the rest of the production line's capacity

  • Automatize plank sawing process

  • Lack of quality control



  • Full 3D and visual information of both sides of each plank

  • AI defect detection model for 7 European Ash defect types

  • Optimization algorithm that divides each plank into products from the daily production mix

  • Chain-driven saw infeed positioning system that is based on visual information of each individual plank



  • The value out of each plank is maximized increasing the overall system yield by 10%

  • Production rate increased 3 times

  • Decreased operator workload freeing them for other tasks 

  • Production statistics and reporting system for each product that has been produced always accessible to the management

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