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Log Inspect: High-precision 3D log measuring and sorting system


Elevate timber processing to new heights with the Log Inpsect, featuring advanced mathematical algorithms for maximum yield from every log. This system combines advanced 3D scanning technology and highest mathematics to sort logs of different timber species with unmatched accuracy and efficiency.


How does it work?

HPC powered optimization
Digital twin based integration optimization

The cloud-based or edge-based digital twin enables continuous optimization of sawmill operations using real-time data. By simulating various scenarios and exploring what-if situations, the digital twin allows for adjustments in product goals to align with downstream processing capacity, ensuring efficient and cost-effective production.

1. Rapid and Precise Scanning

Lead the industry with a scanning speed of 80 m/min and a calculation speed of just 900 milliseconds post-log measurement. Our cutting-edge 3D machine vision captures accurate models of each log, providing essential data for enhanced processing.

2. Advanced Measurement Accuracy

Enjoy unmatched precision with measurements accurate to +/- 10 mm in length and +/-2 mm in diameter. These detailed metrics are crucial for optimizing processing steps and maximizing output quality.

3. High-Precision 360° Log Shape Analysis

Benefit from a complete, high-precision view of each log. Our technology reveals every detail, enabling better processing and sorting decisions, even in challenging environmental conditions

4. Shape and curvature visualization for the operator

Visualises curvature against the mass center, block, end, and mass center axes for agile and confident quality evaluation.

5. Exceptional Bark Detection

Advanced imaging technology accurately identifies the over and under-bark volume, ensuring consistent quality by adjusting to factors like ice and snow.

Log Inspect

Operations view

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