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R&D projects


Zippy Vision has knowledge-intensive products.  Part of the technologies we develop in-house. Extensive R&D is an essential part of our business to build a state of the art products for our customers. 
Below are described selected R&D activities which are financed by the Competence Center programme partially financed by EU funds.  

Research and development of modular, new generation wood scanner technologies

The research project plans to develop a new generation of modular wood scanner and sawing optimization scanner technologies that would allow for the production of both transverse and longitudinal scanners and optimization systems that would recognize an expanded amount of wood artifacts and defects, improve accuracy, and be able to optimize four-plane cutting strategies. Scanners are designed for both transverse and longitudinal scanning.

Project No.:

The financing was received by SIA "MEŽA NOZARES COMPETENCES CENTRS"

Cooperation with: CFLA

Development of quality control and management system for food industry

Zippy Vision participates in the project of  "Latvijas Pārtikas nozares Kompetences centrs" with a research project "Development of computer vision and data science-based quality control systems. 
Project No:
Cooperation  with: CFLA 

Development of technology for visual inspection to comply with "Data Integrity requirements"

Zippy Vision participates in the project of "Farmācijas, biomedicīnas un medicīnas tehnoloģiju Kompetences centrs"  with the research project  "Development of visual inspection technology to comply with the Data Integrity requirements"

Project No:

Financing received by SIA “Farmācijas, biomedicīnas un medicīnas tehnoloģiju Kompetences centrs”

Cooperation with: CFLA

Dataset accumulation and neural network weight preparation

The aim of this project is to increase producer competitiveness  and promoting cooperation between research and production sectors, by implementing research projects in the subfield of smart specialization, modern production technologies and engineering systems that allow for new product and technology development and introduce them into production in this field. 

Project No:


Cooperation with: CFLA

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