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Custom inspection and automation solutions

For companies with specific requirements we build  custom scanning, inspection or cutting optimization lines. Our experience in wood processing lines and the technologies we develop in-house allowed us to solve most of the challenges companies are facing today. Contact us and challenge us with your request and problem! 

How does it work?

Zippy Vision optimization and product inspection machines automate and optimize the production process, minimize waste and increase the output in value and volume.

We also build the quality inspection process based on customer requirements.
We build custom cut optimization solutions delivering +10% and more on the existing product value, using AI. Our systems for the wood industry include fully automatic wood scanning and inspection systems ensuring that the product is always according to quality specs.
We solve quality inspection challenges using a broad range of inspection technologies.

Our technologies include:

  • visual inspection using visible light, X-ray, NIR, SWIR;

  • ultrasonic, 3D profiling, depth cameras.

  • machine learning, deep learning.

  • any other combination of technologies revealing properties of the material.


  • artificial intelligence-based solutions

  • integration with other production systems visual inspection

  • online and remote support 24x7 for our inspection systems


  • increased production yield per material unit

  • fully automated production process removing bottlenecks created by manual operations

  • available as retrofit of existing production lines increasing lifetime or part of the new production line

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