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BestCut PrismCut prism ripping optimizing wood scanner

BestCut PrimsCut is a longitudinal solid wood prism optimization scanner. The scanner is combined with a positioning system that places the wooden beams against the fixed circular saw set with 0.1 mm accuracy for an automatic, streamlined, and optimized sawing process.


The scanner consists of 3D laser triangulation sensors and visual line scan cameras that scan the beam from 2 or more sides. We developed a deep neural AI network to detect all visible defects like core, discolouration, bark, etc. Meanwhile, we apply highly sophisticated and precise mathematical algorithms to see each beam's wane, geometrical shape, and size. The optimization considers all of these factors and the sawing set currently in production and calculates the most advantageous position for each beam. 

The positioning system takes over to set each beam at the correct position before the saw infeed that the output of the optimization result.

Possible to combine with an optimization simulator system to calculate the best sawing set for each beam size. Extend the lifetime and modernize your production line. Every piece is processed, optimized, and stored for production statistics accordingly. 

Simulation package for best yield

By using 3D models and visual data of the wood, the simulation system can account for the upstream sorting unique characteristics. This information can then be used to determine the best sawing strategy. The result is an optimized cutting plan that maximizes the use of the wood material while minimizing waste and improving the quality of the final product.

Interview with our CEO and clients SIA "Krauss."

  • BestCut BeamCut inspection system allows for avoiding costly waste due

  • Beams can be inspected from two or all sides in the full length of the material.

  • The precision of the positioning and measurements is up to 0.1 mm on every dimension. 

  • The system continuously collects the necessary production data and stores them in a secure database for future reference and quality assurance.

  • It is possible to generate up to a 10% increase in yield

  • Combine BeamCut  OptiSim to streamline every step of your sawing process

  • Complete production statistics


... Zippy Vision demonstrated high technical and technological expertise in the project, as well as Zippy Vision's desire to understand and solve the business task, adapting technical solutions accordingly when necessary.

Gatis Gulbis,

Chairman of the board

"Krauss", largest birch processing company in Nordics 

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