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Zippy Vision is revolutionizing the wood processing industry with our advanced wood scanning, optimization, and quality inspection technology. Our cutting-edge computer vision systems provide unparalleled control over wood processing machines, optimizing rip and cross-cutting for maximum value and ensuring that products are made to precise dimensions, resulting in an improved bottom-line performance for our customers.

Our equipment ensures the highest levels of efficiency and accuracy, allowing businesses to maximize their productivity and profitability. We are dedicated to meeting customers' unique needs with user-friendly interfaces, customizable options, and remote monitoring capabilities. Products offer high return on investment and digitalisation of your production line.

We have led in efficiency and simplicity of operations through extensive use of AI and deep learning in every machine we have built since 2017.

Join us at the forefront of innovation in the wood processing industry and see the positive impact that Zippy Vision can have on your bottom line!


Wood Scanner - BestCut M4

beam optimizing wood scanner.

High-resolution, multi-sensor wood scanning solution for four-sided quality evaluation on cants with complete product placement 2D rip-cutting/cross-cutting optimization

BestCut M2_transparent_background.png

Wood Scanner - BestCut M2

High-resolution multi-sensor wood scanner for wood plank processing lines with complete product 2D placement rip-cutting/cross-cutting optimization 

Profile Expert cover photo 2_edited.jpg

Wood Scanner - Profile Expert

Wood scanner for geometric and and visual inspection system for molding and furniture elements production. Provides early inspection for flawless production and wasted reduction in solid wood and plywood profile production lines.


Wood Scanner - Log Inspect

High precision 3D log measuring and sorting system.


Wood Scanner - BestCut PrismCut

High-resolution multi-sensor wood scanner with rip-cutting/cross-cutting optimization for wood prisms

Gray painted tabletop with sky reflectin

Custom scanning and inspection solutions.

We have several years of industry experience in industrial automation. We offer our clients turnkey solution development from design to implementation, from software to hardware. Wood scanning is particularly challenging, however, we carry out projects in related areas, such as plywood, building materials and the like. 

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