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SIA "Krauss" is the largest production company of birch lumber, furniture parts, and glued parts in Northern Europe. The company carries out a full processing cycle from round wood sawing to finished products.

Year: 2023

Time of implementation: 4 days

BestCut M2 for birch boards


The goal was to replace the existing rip-cut scanner with our new advanced BestCut M2 to increase the yield.

The challenge was to replace the existing scanner with a new one in four working days.



  • Rising prices of raw materials and increasing competition require a significant increase in the efficiency of using materials and an increase in the output of a high-quality final product.

  • full use of technological improvements in the production process before and after the sawing process:

  • We provided our latest intelligent optimizing rip-scanner for five rip optimizations. 



  • Zippy Vision improves the operational efficiency of the largest European birch solid wood processor, Krauss, by installing its cutting-edge next-generation Zippy Vision BestCut M2 scanner. The BestCut M2 scanner provides complete 2D product placement rip-cut optimization for five independent saw-rips to achieve maximum output value while simultaneously considering the value of finger-joint and fixed-length final products.



  • Yield increased by 8% after switching from the existing rip-cut optimization scanner to the next-generation Zippy Vision’s BestCut M2 scanner.

  • Just 0.9 seconds is required to determine every board's rip-cut best-value saw-rip positions and angle. It allows for a compact machinery layout with minimal distance between the scanner and the multi-rip saw**.

  • The customer reports a significant rip-cutting precision improvement due to precise positioning information and higher precision of rip placement without any changes in the hardware and saw.

  • The production line was stopped only for four days due to the scanner exchange process.

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