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The largest European birch wood processor boosts sawmill efficiency with advanced Zippy Vision BestCut M2 scanner

Yield increased by 8% after switching from the existing rip-cut optimization scanner to the next-generation Zippy Vision’s BestCut M2 scanner.

Zippy Vision improves the operational efficiency of the largest European birch solid wood processor, Krauss, by installing its cutting-edge next-generation Zippy Vision BestCut M2 scanner. The BestCut M2 scanner provides complete 2D product placement rip-cut optimization for five independent saw-rips to achieve maximum output value while simultaneously considering the value of finger-joint and fixed-length final products.


8% yield increase

Krauss reports extracting 8% more value from raw materials starting from the first day of the fully operational BestCut M2 scanner compared with results achieved with the previous scanner.

Only 0.9 seconds per board

Just 0.9 seconds is required to determine every board's rip-cut best-value saw-rip positions and angle. It allows for a compact machinery layout with minimal distance between the scanner and the multi-rip saw**.

Precision improvement

The customer reports a significant rip-cutting precision improvement due to precise positioning information and higher precision of rip placement without any changes in the hardware and saw.

4-day implementation

The production line was stopped only for four days due to the scanner exchange process.

The BestCut M2 scanner calculates sawing solutions for up to 5 movable rips. The scanner can simultaneously optimize for full 2D rip-cut/cross-cut placement of up to 10 product standards specified by different required surface qualities and various dimensions.

BestCut M2 is enhanced with a simulation software/hardware package that allows you to play various operational setups using actual data from the BestCut M2 scanner. This helps find the most efficient configuration to increase yield.

BestCut M2 features an automatic production plan mode. This mode allows it to optimize for desired volume composition, optimizing material usage and meeting production goals efficiently.

Fine-grained, fast, and complete 2D placement optimization. The new generation scanner optimizes complete 2D placement solutions using powerful GPUs. It computes the best value rip-cut solutions, calculating their use for cross-cutting. It uses wood features considering the application of every square millimeter of wood.

** BestCut M2 configuration defines the scanner's overall productivity. Increasing the number of computing units, feeding speed, and optics specs can boost it up to 400 m/min of rip-cut/cross-cut optimized wood material.

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