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Zippy Vision founder on AI in the Wild West podcast

We are honored to be represented in the first episode of many more to come on the AI Ranch podcast, now available on Spotify.

Our founder and CEO is active within his own company and proactively promoting and discussing the emergence of AI technology. In this podcast, you will get an inside scoop on Zippy Vision growth, what we do, and how our products are implemented.

Zippy Vision founders Gundars Kuļikovskis and Kristaps Kuļikovskis are challenge-eager leaders. Starting with spaghetti and biometric recognition products, Zippy Vision has landed in the woodworking industry. Thanks to our clients' progressive vision and trust in us, we had the chance to travel through different AI application fields. This journey has armored us with the skills and knowledge to bring truly valuable products that make a cost-benefit sense for our clients.

To hear more, click the link AI Ranch.



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