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Intelligent cutting optimization solution for wood planks. Includes 3D scanning and visual scanning from the top and bottom of the wood plank. Optimizes cutting using intelligent optimization systems, which selects the best cutting solution for up to 8 multi-saw cutting blades and up to 10 fixed blades. The system includes an optional visual position system that positions the plank against the saw in sub-millimeter precision to ensure the machine's decision is implemented correctly.


One way to implement the most valuable cutting strategy is to use the M4 beam cut optimization system upstream. Then the whole chain of cutting decisions is automated and optimized to get most of the value out of the raw material at the same time while saving on human costs and ensuring uninterrupted and efficient utilization of equipment and material. The system can be integrated into existing sawmill equipment to replace human operations or be part of the new, fully automatic line. The system analyses billions of possible cutting lists to select the best by value, thus far surpassing human possibilities.

How does it work?




M2 scans and analyzes wood planks from two sides and generates the best cut based on visible wood properties in every plane, required products for each thickness, product prices and sizes.


M2 is part of the sawmill beam cutting woodworking equipment and controls the machinery to select a plane to cut, controls the feeder into a chain saw or rip saw and controls the thickness of the next cut.


As a result, the board is automatically cut into the wood planks in the most efficient and valuable way delivering extra value from the source material at the same time.

Real-time optimization ensures the best value from any wood by selecting the best from the billions of potential combinations.

Uses your current product prices, downstream costs and specs for all your products. Multi-class selection possible at the same batch.

Handles different thicknesses at the same time of raw wood planks by measuring the thickness before optimization


+10% against human operations.


+300%  against the human-operated line


Recognizes all significant artifacts of the wood - knots, bark, decay, etc.

Realtime statistical data output and possible to combine with digital twin expansion to forecast different scenarios without material waste.

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"Zippy Vision surprised us with their ability to carry out technologically complicated projects with industry level returns and managed to exceed our expectations."

Matīss Kuba,

Chairman of the Board SIA VMS

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