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New insightful video of Profile Expert - new wood scanning solution for molding and profiles

“The Zippy Vision team consists of competent and reliable employees who probe deep into every nuance and always strive to improve their solutions and deliver the results."

Edgars Pilders, 

Factory “Hapaks” Head of profiling unit

On 23rd of January 2023, "Zippy Vision"applied for EU funding to implement research project "Research and development of modular, next-generation wood scanner technologies". The research project plans to develop a new generation of modular wood scanner and sawing optimization scanner technologies that would allow for the production of both transverse and longitudinal scanners and optimization systems that would recognize an expanded amount of wood artifacts and defects, improve accuracy, and be able to optimize four-plane cutting strategies. Scanners are designed for both transverse and longitudinal scanning.

On 5th July 2023, "Zippy Vision" applied for EU funding to implement the research project "Implementation of new system for 3D laser profiler point cloud digital registration and surface properties and defect digital recognition using high-performance computing (GPU)".

The research project plans to develop methods for 3D point acquisition and measurement stabilization, using high-performance computing technologies to recognize surface defects on longitudinally processed parts rapidly.

The research is intended to develop not only the computing algorithms themselves but also a set of technologies necessary for the diagnostics, calibration, and maintenance of such a system.

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