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Customised Quality Inspection Solutions

 Technology for your fault-free production line

for the most quality demanding markets and customers


How we do it

We accumulate deep knowledge for specific fields, packaging and products to develop solutions which outperform the competition in results and efficiency.
We have experience in pillow, flow-wrap, vacuum packaging as well as raw food product inspection and sorting.


package inspection

Package quality inspection system for flow-wrap packaging of long shaped pasta products. 
Quality inspection system for full 360-degree inspection of products.
The package inspector inspects all common product errors...


We build customised solutions based on individual customers needs using machine vision and artificial intelligence

Turn-key solutions

We build turn-key solutions providing hardware, software and setup on real production lines. Zippy Vision has improved quality solutions for all scenarios, non-intrusive ways to inspect the quality of your products to ensure the best end-product - avoiding recalls and loss of customers

Less hustle is more reliable and effective

Our philosophy is to build solutions with the least number of components possible and with the least intrusive way to your production line.
That leads to smaller form factor, less moving parts, and fewer maintenance costs.
Some of our solutions can fit in as small as 70mm space.

Machine Learning and Artificial intelligence

We create solutions using machine learning and artificial intelligence solutions. Our expertise in AI allows us to find most appropriate and effective approach for every quality inspection challenge.

Our proprietary packaging quality inspection uses visual product information and machine learning methods that provides you with 100% product checks.

Smart industrial cameras and sensors

We use industrial cameras and the latest sensors from leading producers worldwide.
Our cameras inspect product 360° with customisable speed to that of your production line.

Powerful lighting solutions

We use powerful lighting solutions from leading manufacturers in order to minimize the effect of external factors on stability on our machine vision solutions.