Custom automation solutions
for your fault-free production line

For companies who work in most quality demanding markets,
Zippy Vision is a partner which provides complete quality inspection solutions
to ensure that their clients receive only fault-free products.
Unlike standard solution providers,
we dive deep into product and production specifics
to design and build best solution for a particular plant, product and production process.

What is Your product quality challenge?

Industries we serve



The solutions for successful business in most demanding markets

Our customers aim to be able to supply to the most demanding markets while keeping production and product setup costs low.

Our solutions for real-life challenges

  • inspection in limited space

  • the possibility to fit into the existing production line

  • inspection of all features of the product and package at one place, just before shipping

  • increased throughput of the production and inspection

  • fast learning curve due to the commoditized design of control systems

  • online and remote support 24x7 for our inspection systems

  • fast and easy new product inspection setup

About Zippy Vision

  • We are the company that solves real-life quality inspection challenges.

  • Every product development starts with the challenge where the customer needs something exceeding out of the box solutions in functionality, reliability and costs. 

  • It all started in 2017 with the first challenge. To help company exporting spaghetti to Japan to ensure that every single spaghetti package is of impeccable quality. It took two years of R&D to develop a perfect solution - our Package Inspector Model 3. It took three models and two to polish the process, technology and system to perfect results.

  • Today we build custom quality inspection solutions for food, pharmaceuticals and wood industry.

  • We are a team of five highest qualification engineers with ten and more years of experience in  electronics, IT, manufacturing and AI

  • Our network of partners allows us to build a full solution, including hardware, frames, conveyors and electronics


We command a set of technologies to achieve reliable results to meet the most challenging requirements and tasks.

Complete solutions

  • We build turn-key solutions by providing hardware, software and setup on real production lines. ​

  • To ensure the best quality end-product on your production line Zippy Vision has improved quality solutions for all scenarios in non-intrusive ways to inspect the quality of your products.

Computer vision

For visual inspection we use wide range of computer vision technologies which allows our systems to see product as client sees it or see invisible features for human eye.

Machine learning and AI

  • We create solutions using deep learning and artificial intelligence solutions. Our expertise in AI allows us to find the most appropriate and effective approach for every quality inspection challenge. 

  • Our proprietary packaging quality inspection uses visual product information and machine learning methods that provide you with 100% product checks.

RFID, QR coding crosses production stages

In case when inspection result from one production stage must be used in another we use RFID marking and scanning or QR codes. It is especially important in cases when  production stages are separated in time and space .

3D scanning

We use 3D scanning when it is required to have exact object dimensions.

Our scanning solution can reach up to 10 micrometers precision regarding dimensions of the product.

We build computer systems to apply scanning data to the production and/or inspection process.

Sorting, separation and automation

Results of inspection must be applied to the process. We integrate our systems with existing rejection systems or supply our own.