Only the best cut. From any wood.

Cut optimization and wood scanning solutions for sawmills and wood processing factories.

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  • optimizes wood beam cutting list by selecting the best plane and thickness

  • increases yield of the whole line by 10%

  • increase the speed of wood processing by 300% against the human operation

  • decreases human costs as the system is fully automatic

  • can be integrated into existing woodworking equipment and processing lines or be part of new line

M4 scans and analyzes wood beams from four sides and generates the best cut, based on visible wood properties in every plane, required products for each thickness, product prices and sizes. 

M4 is part of the sawmill beam cutting woodworking equipment and controls the machinery to select a plane to cut, controls the feeder into a chain saw or rip saw and controls the thickness of the next cut.

As a result, the beam is automatically cut into the wood planks in the most efficient and valuable way delivering extra value from the source material at the same time.

Final cut into the final material may be implemented using M2 cut optimisation and scanning system, which then scans the raw plank from both sides and manages multi saw system to optimize further processing of the wood.

The wood beam is analysed using machine vision using visual data, 3D scanning analysing beam profile, dimensions and surface properties,  artificial intelligence recognising wood defects and optimization algorithms which analyse billions of possibilities to select absolutely the best cut in every cycle.

optimizes wood plank cut for multi saw systems

  • 10%+ increase in output value;

  • 300%+ increase in line productivity

  • decreases human costs as the system is fully automatic

  • can be integrated into existing woodworking equipment and wood processing lines or be part of new line

wood scannerM23D_500x500_edited.png

M2 scans and analyzes raw wood planks from top and bottom, optimizes the cut based on the wood's visual, 3D and surface properties, expected product requirements, prices and sizes and controls multi saw to select the best cut.

The system includes an optional visual position system which positions the plank against the saw in sub-millimetre precision to ensure that the machine's decision is implemented correctly.  

One way to implement the most valuable cutting strategy is to use the M4 beam cut optimization system upstream and then the whole chain of cutting decisions is automated and optimized to get most of the value out of the raw material at the same time while saving on human costs and ensuring uninterrupted and efficient utilization of equipment and material. 

The system can be integrated into existing sawmill equipment to replace human operations or be part of the new, fully automatic line.

System analyses billions of possible cutting lists to select the best by the value, thus by far surpassing human possibilities

Optimization and quality inspection solutions for your fault-free production line

Measurement, inspection and controls systems

Ensure that the joint is made according to the highest standards.

  • Every piece. All the time.

  • Fully automatic

  • Works with CAD drawings

  • Provides production statistics

Joint inspection and qualtity control system provides 3D inspection and evaluation of joints for the final product. Such as playwood joint cut process control against set dimensional requirements.

It scans full length of the product and inspects whether the joint dimensions satisfies set requirements.

Quality inspection for your fault-free production line.

  • ensures that only quality product reaches the customer

  • provides data for predictive maintenance


Package quality inspection system for flow-wrap packaging of long shaped pasta products.
Quality inspection system for full 360-degree inspection of products.
The package inspector inspects all common product errors.

About Zippy Vision

  • We are a team of software and hardware engineers, mathematics and physicists with decades of competent track record in electronics, IT, manufacturing, AI and Machine Learning.

  • We do research, design, production, installation and 24/7 monitoring service for customer fault-free production.

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Research and development

Zippy Vision has knowledge-intensive products.  Part of the technologies we develop in-house. Extensive R&D is an essential part of our business to build a state of the art products for our customers. 


On the 26th of March 2019, ‘’Zippy Vision’’ Ltd. has signed an agreement Nr. SKV-L-2019/42  with Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (LIAA)  for the project "International competitiveness promotion" co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.