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We are moving to new, larger production facilities!

Today marks a significant milestone in our company's growth as we transition to a

larger and more suitable production facility.

Our new address will be Maskavas street 227, Riga.

It reflects our growth trend as we have more projects and products to produce.

This new space will enable us to test, build, and showcase our unique scanner inspection systems, woodworking, and general quality inspection hardware at full scale for our customers.

This year has been extraordinary for Zippy Vision, as our cutting-edge products are now operational on the factory floors of Latvia's leading wood processing facilities.

We are immensely grateful to our pioneering customers who entrusted us with enhancing their operations through our advanced scanning technologies. A special thanks go to our pioneering customers:

  • Dobeles Dzirnavnieks - largest food producer in Latvia. Yes, it all started with food processing lines,

  • MEKA - first opportunity to build wood scanner for lab,

  • VMS Timber (Thermory group) - one of the leading aspen processing companies in the region, the first opportunity to feel a taste of actual factory floor,

  • Krauss SIA - the largest birch processing company in North Europe,

  • Latvijas Finieris - the largest plywood processing factory in North Europe,

  • Kontekss - a company with very complex and sophisticated production technology.

We are also grateful for the trust and support from the Latvian wood processing business community, which has allowed us to develop the innovative technologies we will be exhibiting at our second, much more significant event at the most prominent wood processing techno

logies fair - Ligna, Hanover, Germany.

Special note on the place where we live and work

It is challenging to envision a more suitable environment than Latvia, where a group of engineers can start from scratch to build unbelievably complex systems and be permitted to create outstanding products, not just in a lab but on actual factory floors. In this unique setting, we can assure the development of a complex product we've never built before and that personal promise carries significant value.

Having perfectly functioning products on factory floors is crucial for marketing them to those outside the close-knit, trust-based community that characterizes Latvian wood processing businesses. As we joke, no laboratory prototype of an industrial machine may survive hitting the factory floor.

I am confident that Latvia will become one of the most competitive locations for developing and exporting sophisticated engineering systems worldwide. This is due to our experience and based on several reasons that make Latvia an ideal place to develop advanced technologies, particularly in machine vision and artificial intelligence within the woodworking and food production sectors:

1. Latvia boasts a vibrant, technologically sophisticated, and rapidly developing economy, which started from scratch 30 years ago. This means the government or companies have no outdated legacy

systems, such as old payment or IP systems.

2. Latvia's modest size fosters tigh

t networks of personal acquaintances and reputations among companies and individuals. Additionally, the Latvian cultural approach is deeply rooted in Protestant values, emphasizing trust, keeping promises, and maintaining a solid reputation. These values are upheld by Latvians and expected of others.

3. Finally, 30 years of independence and a real economy have provided ample time for individuals to establish their reputation and trust within the broader business community if they so desire.

In conclusion, moving to a larger production facility signifies a pivotal moment for our company. Further, it solidifies Latvia's position as an ideal location for developing and exporting sophisticated engineering systems.

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