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Transformation at Ligna 2023

After our participation in the international woodworking fair Ligna 2023, we have emerged with a renewed sense of direction, filled with the determination to scale new heights.

Wood scanning product Validation and Forward Direction

Ligna 2023 served as an integral benchmark, confirming the effectiveness of our business trajectory. The fair delivered two unexpected revelations that bolstered our confidence on our wood scanning solutions and future direction:

1. Our 2D top placement rip-cut optimization is one of most advanced optimization systems in industry.

2. Our digitally stabilized surface geometry inspection for furniture elements has a unique capabilities.

The validation of our products and direction has convinced us that our path is correct, galvanising us to move forward with greater vigour.

Building a team

High stress environment, rapidly changing situation and setting new goals proven that we have excellent team, which is can achieve higher heights than previously thought.

Fuelled Ambition

This validation spurred a seismic shift in our team's ambition. No longer content with being regional leaders, we are setting our sights on the global stage. The path to becoming a world leader once unimaginable, becomes achievable and desirable, with the only obstacles being ones we set ourselves.

Strategic Clarity

Ligna 2023 illuminated our strengths and the areas we need to refine. This insight gives us a clearer understanding of our path forward, enabling us to sharpen our edge and adapt our strategies for enhanced growth.

Continuous need for change

The necessary adjustments in organizational structure, production and development processes, delivery structure, pricing for next offers are under way.

Confidence in Expansion

Our burgeoning order book stands testament to our growth potential, providing us the confidence to ambitiously scale our operations.

Connection and Collaboration

As newcomers in a family-business-dominated industry, we have successfully connected with key players, competitors, and potential partners. Despite our relative novelty, we are learning, we are adjusting, we are making meaningful connections that will significantly contribute to our growth.

Beyond Business - Building Friendships

Our Ligna journey has fostered lasting friendships that go beyond professional boundaries, nurturing a sense of camaraderie and community reflective of the industry's welcoming spirit.

Embracing Our Roots

Our Latvian roots have proven invaluable, offering a tightly knit, supportive woodworking community that enables us to gain invaluable hands-on factory floor experience, supplying one of most advanced woodworking industries in the world.

We are proud to be part of a country and an industry that continually support our growth, and a technologically advanced society that embraces digital transformation. We hope to contribute to that notion with our specific products.

Flying the Latvian flag at our booth at Ligna was a proud moment, as we represented the country's technological prowess in the field.

As we look forward to the learnings and growth opportunities that await us at the next big industry event in Atlanta, Georgia, in August 2024, we are eager to meet old friends and form new partnerships. Here's to a future filled with more innovation, collaboration, and leadership in the woodworking industry!

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