Our system is the most compact system on the market

  • Length (along production line):

    • 70 mm (space between lines)​

    • 200 mm (frame length)

  • Width: (traversal to production line):

    • Custom: 800-1200 m

  • Height: 300 mm above current production line  

Properties inspected

Our equipment inspects all critical parts and properties of the package:

  • Seaming/seal

  • Artwork

  • Print

  • Best before, serial number

  • Barcode

  • Size

  • Form

Types of non-compliances detected

Our inspection system inspects the package for every potential defect: 

  • Seal contamination

  • Seal defects, grime on a seal

  • Fin seal defects

  • Shift of design

  • Wrong print of best before

  • Low-quality print, missing letters of a serial number

  • Missing barcode

  • Size difference

  • The angle of a package on the line

  • Fin-seal for contamination, wrong side and other defects

Types of packages

Our artificial intelligence engines trained to inspect seals/seams on a wide range of type and colour of packages:

  • Transparent

  • Coloured

  • Partly coloured or printed


The inspection takes place at the end of the production line on the finished product.
The result triggers the ejection mechanism via OPC UA protocol or triggers the blow-off mechanism by opening connected air nozzle after inspection.

Adaptive technology

We use artificial intelligence, machine learning and computer vision to be able to adapt to most demanding prints on the package

Package Inspector MODEL 3

Package inspector Model 3 (PI-2019-003) is the packaging quality inspection system for flow-wrap packaging on horizontal production lines inspecting product for all the common defects