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“Kontekss” produces, sells and delivers pine wood products, wooden cants and beams as well as high quality wood wood pellets.

Year: 2022

Time of implementation: 12 months

Log sawing and optimization system


The goal of the project was to develop a pine log optimization scanner using the existing band and ripsaw system. Detecting the full-size 3-dimensional shape of the log was also one of the requirements to provide the most optimal plank and beam cut solution according to the shape of each log.



  • Visual cameras to detect defects in each plane after a bandsaw cut

  • Stereocameras dor precise log dimsion and shape detection

  • AI defect detection model for 9 pine tree defect types



  • Visual cameras for defect recognition after each bandsaw cut

  • Stereocameras to detect precise log dimension and shape

  • AI defect recognition model for 9 different defect types in pine trees



  • Precise data collection system for each log

  • Automatized and sped up bandsaw and ripsaw sawing process

  • The maximum yield is achieved for every processed log optimizing for the optimal rotation angle, horizontal alignment against the bandsaw, defects in each plane and their respective market prices

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