Automatic wood cut optimization systems 


W SCAN M2 is a cut optimization system for 2-dimensional optimization of the multi-saw woodcut. 

Our cut optimization systems increase value yield by at least 10% of raw material value against the human operation and increase the speed of operations by at least 300%.

W SCAN M4 is a log cut optimization for 3-dimensional optimization for the log processing line. Normally works in conjunction with the M2 downstream.

Temperature range

(-5)C .. +40C

Remote Service and monitoring 24x7

Works with wet and dry product

Optimizing for up to 8 saw blades  

Works with wood with snow, dirt and ice

Up to 20 difference thickness groups  

Processing up to 180m/minute

Up to 30 different width products within thickness group

Optimum cut for up to 8 saw blades
  • The scanner delivers up to a 10% increase in value yield from source material far exceeding human operator in speed and value efficiency 

  • Automatic recognition of the dominant thickness and selecting products for optimization

  • Selection and positioning up to 8 saw blades for the best cut in terms of value

  • Fully automatic control of the multi saw and automatic positioning using machine vision of the board against saw blades

  • Speed up to 180 meters per minute

  • Material width up to 800 mm

  • Material length   up to 25 m

  • Conveyors speed up to 180 m/min

  • Excellent optimisation of multi saw up to 8 circular saw 

  • Built-in 1D, 2D, 3D optimization for the maximum wooden board cut

  • Visual inspection of two sides

  • identification of all significant artefacts of the wood:

    • different types of knots,

    • bark,

    • colouring,

    • radial wood, core wood or tangential wood,

    • surface defects.

  • Custom-built wood quality standards based on customer specification available with dynamic pricing with up to 20 different product widths in consideration at every single cut

  • Full shape 3D scan for identification of defective areas