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Project name: Research and development of modular, new generation wood scanner technologies


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Short description: The research project plans to develop a new generation of modular wood scanners and sawing optimization scanner technologies that would allow the production of both transverse and longitudinal scanners and optimization systems that would allow recognition of an expanded amount of wood artefacts and defects, improve accuracy and be able to optimize four-plane cutting strategies. Scanners are designed for both transverse and longitudinal scanning.


Promoting a wider and more efficient use of wood is one of the basic tasks, which is also emphasized in the long-term planning document "Vision 2030 of the Technological Platform of Latvian Forestry and Industry Based on Wood Resources". It is very important to solve technical and technological issues in a timely manner, because in order for wood and its products to be used much more widely, it is necessary to justify their suitability for the new application or to create new products for the new field of application.
The main topicality of this moment is to increase the competitiveness of wood in construction, both by using it more in works and in places where it is already used, and also by removing obstacles that prevent it from being used more widely and more diversely. Therefore, carefully planned and long-term studies are conducted to examine the possibilities of new solutions for the use of wood, new technologies and innovative materials.
In cooperation with merchants of the woodworking industry and the involvement of the Competence Center, the ZIPPY VISION SIA team has proven that the current technological knowledge allows us to create visual and deep scanning technologies for timber, which allow to automatically identify hidden and visible defects and artifacts in timber, as well as to automate further processing of the material. Currently working Zippy Vision products are able to increase the quality of the product by 10% or more from each unit of raw materials, reducing the amount of waste and increasing the productivity of the overall system by 3 or more times and reducing further processing, including human labor costs.

About the competence center.

The project covers two scientific directions:

• New wood materials and technologies

• Increasing the capital value of the forest and forestry

Objective: to support at least 9 researches, developing new products and technologies, putting them into production, as well as transferring knowledge to the economy, significantly increasing the amount of private sector investment


The project is implemented from February 1, 2023 to June 30, 2026.


The total amount of ERDF support for the Competence Center is EUR 5,721,905.56.

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