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BestCut CrossCut

BestCut CrossCut is an optimization scanner for transverse production lines. The system consists of multiple 3D laser triangulation sensors and multiple Visual Line scan cameras that generate the most complete visual and physical overview of each board. CrossCut is primarily used to optimize boards via crosscutting and maximizing the value of products from each board. It is also possible to use BestCut CrossCut for rip cutting with appropriate support mechanisms.


The system can scan all sides of a board without turning them around. Our proprietary AI networks can detect all types of defects - cracks, bark, wane, cracks, rot, etc. We have models developed AI networks for multiple wood types, and we are capable of training new ones in-house. BestCut CrossCut is adjustable according to each customer’s specific grading, trimming, and sorting needs.

More information coming soon. 

"The Zippy Vision team consists of competent and reliable employees who probe deep into every nuance and always strive to improve their solutions and deliver the results."

Edgars Pilders,
Factory “Hapaks” Head of profiling unit

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