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BestCut M4: the beam cut optimization and scanning system

Intelligent cutting optimization solution for wood cants. Includes 3D scanning and visual scanning from four sides of the wood cant. The intelligent optimization system then selects the best cant cutting strategy considering approximately 4 billion product positions on every side. This solution optimizes the cutting process, resulting in improved efficiency and reduced waste.

How does it work?




M4 scans and analyzes wood beams from four sides and generates the best cut, based on visible wood properties in every plane, required products for each thickness, product prices and sizes. 


M4 is part of the sawmill beam cutting woodworking equipment and controls the machinery to select a plane to cut, controls the feeder into a chain saw or rip saw and controls the thickness of the next cut.


As a result, the beam is automatically cut into the wood planks in the most efficient and valuable way delivering extra value from the source material at the same time.


Final cut into the final material may be implemented using M2 cut optimisation and scanning system, which then scans the raw plank from both sides and manages multi saw system to optimize further processing of the wood.

  • M4 is a cut optimization solution for raw wood beams.

  • M4 is an excellent solution to ensure that you get the perfect cut on every wood item.

  • +10% against human operations.

  • Recognizes all significant artefacts of the wood - knots, bark, decay etc.

"There were no analogues for our specific solution to the situation. Zippy Vision was ready to undertake the development of such a solution, realizing that the development of such a solution might require the development of a number of new solutions, the likes of which Zippy Vision had not yet developed. A possible alternative was to request the adaptation of existing solutions from known manufacturers. However, their price was disproportionately high and there were risks that the technical task we set may not fully correspond to the solution to the business problem."

Gatis Gulbis,

Chairman of the board

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