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BestCut Inspection Station

BestCut Inspection Station is our newest innovation in furniture quality control scanners. The scanner comprises a robotic arm, inspection table, and 3D laser triangulation sensor. The system is designed to carry out geometrical inspection of different kinds of furniture pieces, including dimensional shape and size, geometrical defect as well as drill hole position and size. 


The Inspection Station can inspect any kind of piece that fits on the inspection table (2.1 x 1.2 meters). The general goal is to detect any wear or problem in the processing machinery that might result in defective or unfitting furniture pieces. The quality assurance specialist would bring a furniture piece to the inspection table and start the inspection process. The system automatically adjusts to the size and shape of the piece without any need for manual calibration. BestCut Inspection Station inspects all sides, planes drill holes, their sizes, position, and depth.


BestCut Inspectoin Station schema.

How does it work?



The production manager selects a random piece for inspection from the production line and places it on the inspection tables. Leaves the operating area and starts the system.


The system automatically tracks the shape of the piece with its laser sensor and checks  shape, size, drill hole location, size and depth.


Inspection Station completes the check of all planes of the inspectable piece and shows the result for the quality assurance manager in the monitor interface.


In the case a test fails, then the manager can backtrack the issue to the processing machinery and stop any more products from advancing the production line. The defective furniture piece data is stored for later review and eventual maintenance activity improvements.

  • Precision up to 0.1 mm

  • Inspect all drill hole sizes, positions, and depth

  • Automatic adjustment for all furniture pieces 

  • Detect water and tear in your machines earlier

  • Reduce risk of defective pieces being delivered to clients


"The Zippy Vision team consists of competent and reliable employees who probe deep into every nuance and always strive to improve their solutions and deliver the results."

Edgars Pilders,
Factory “Hapaks” Head of profiling unit

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